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Super New City's Stories

Super New City, The Agency, Puck, Captain Omega, and Giraffe Fist tell the stories of a unique version of the world, where Extra Ordinary Citizens possess immense powers. Good and Evil constantly battle in a super powered universe!

Super New City

Super New City

Follow Puck, The Agency, and the rest of the Extra-Ordinary Citizens as they thwart the criminals of the city.

Super New City: The Agency

Super New City: The Agency

Super New City needs all the help they can get! Puck and the other Extra Ordinary Citizens can't do it all. That's when they turn to The Agency for help! Follow veteran agent el Toad and rookie Flaming Magnetic Man as they take care of business after Captain Omega's return from parts unknown throws the City into chaos.

Giraffe Fist is the fused Rex Savory and a giraffe named Chet.

Giraffe Fist

Rex Savory, world famous biologist, is sent by popular demand to investigate the mysterious scientist Dr. Zombieski at his moon base. Nothing will be the same after this out-of-the-world trip for Rex and his team!


Humans, Aliens, Extra-Ordinary Citizens, Robots, Monsters, and everything in between! The Super New City Universe is rife with the craziest characters both good and evil.

Puck facing off against Evil Elk


Youngest and strongest Extra Ordinary Citizen of Super New City. Puck keeps the streets clean of Were Elk, Bank Robbers, and other nefarious creatures.

El Toad taking a stroll into the underground Agency base.

el Toad

El Toad is a veteran field Agent and mentor to rookie Agent Flaming Magnetic Man. El Toad is a language expert, as well as a skilled martial artist.

Flaming Magnetic Man stretching his flames in the secret underground Agency base.

Flaming Magnetic Man

FMM for short, Flaming Magnetic Man is one of the most powerful beings known in the Super New City Universe. He can control magnetic and electric forces, which allow him to fly and use force fields, as well as shoot plasma bolts from his body.

Captain Omega is submerged in a healing tank at Agency Headquarters.

Captain Omega

Captain Omega is the epitome of hero. Captain Omega disappeared along with all of the other Extra Ordinary Citizens of the world years ago. Their disappearance is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries.

Mad Cactus shows off his athleticism by jumping.

Mad Cactus

A demented and mutated house plant, Mad Cactus is a megalomaniacal monster bent on world domination!

Giant Tentacle Monster rises from the depths to wreak havoc on the docks of Super New City

Giant Tentacle Monster

Rising from the spooky depths of the ocean, emerging to wreak havoc on the docks of Super New City!

Boy wonder has gone to the dark side.

Charles, Bad Scientist

Mad Cactus' right hand man. Charles finds himself doing Mad Cactus' bidding, even as the tasks grow out of control.

Evil Elk grimacing at Puck

Evil Elk

Were-Elk have always been a part of life in this world. Lately, there's been a surge in incidents involving these secretive man-beasts. What could be causing this emboldening of the Were Elk?