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Super New City: Giraffe Fist

Giraffe Fist in Space!

World famous wildlife biologist and television star Rex Savory was enlisted by The Agency to help investigate the secretive research base of Dr. Zombieski. The base just happens to be on the moon.

Mission Members

Giraffe Fist running towards the camera.

Giraffe Fist

In a freak accident on the moon, Giraffe Fist was created. Wildlife Biologist and TV star Rex Savory was combined with Chet the Giraffe.

Melody Staples in the green room of the Evening Show.

Melodie Staples

Melodie is Rex's assistant and co-host. Melodie travels to the moon with Rex to investigate the allegations of animal cruelty leveled against Dr. Zombieski.

Le Fish is the Cameraman for the voyage to the moon, and a secret Agent.

Le Fish

Le Fish is a technology specialist and appointed cameraman for the mission. That helmet is pretty interesting.