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Active Case: Where in the World is Captain Omega?

Captain Omega had returned badly damaged from the mass dissapearance of Extra Ordinary Citizens. While in Intensive Care at Agency Headquarters, Captain Omega woke up and escaped from protective custody. His whereabouts are currently unknown. Word of Captain Omega's return has spread to the underground, where Captain Omega's long time enemies seem to be mobilizing. The Agency must find Captain Omega in his weakened condition before his enemies do.

Agents assigned

El Toad taking a stroll into the underground Agency base.

el Toad

El Toad is a veteran field Agent and mentor to rookie Agent Flaming Magnetic Man. El Toad is a language expert, as well as a skilled martial artist.

Flaming Magnetic Man stepping up to defend his fellow agents.

Flaming Magnetic Man

FMM for short, Flaming Magnetic Man is one of the most powerful beings known in the Super New City Universe. He can control magnetic and electric forces, which allow him to fly and use force fields, as well as shoot plasma bolts from his body.

Captain Omega is submerged in a healing tank at Agency Headquarters.

Captain Omega

Captain Omega is the epitome of hero. Captain Omega disappeared along with all of the other Extra Ordinary Citizens of the world years ago. There disappearance is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries.